Get Perfect Air Quality in Cuba and St. James, MO area

While we handle a lot to ensure the temperature of the air in your home is comfortable, we also take great care to ensure the quality. Air quality is important because unseen problems can lurk in your air and can cause health problems for you and your family. A-1 Heating & Air, which services the Cuba and St. James, MO area, is dedicated to ensuring that when we leave, your home’s air is perfect in both temperature and quality. 

Why You Need Clean Air

You need great indoor air quality because this is the air your family breathes every day. It’s easy for excess dust, fungal particles, and more to enter your home's air if there isn’t proper air cleaning or filtration set up. We seek to make sure that your home is kept free of these potentially dangerous particles. 

CLeaners & Filters

A-1 Heating & Air has the expertise to find out if you need a new air filter or cleaner. We offer electronic air cleaners, including UV and electrostatic options, to stop any harmful contaminants from getting into your air and keeping the indoor air quality high. We always provide you the best air cleaners and air filters around to give you peace of mind. 

Air Quality Services

  • Media Air Cleaners
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Humidifiers

Allergy Assistance

Another benefit to additional air cleaning is that it can help those with allergies. Pollen, dust, animal dander, and more can float in the air unseen, and this causes problems for those with allergies.  Our technicians can recommend the best solutions to meet your needs. For those with allergies, we recommend a media air cleaner with a high-quality, six-inch filter. Only needing to be changed once a year, this filter traps dust, pet hair, and pollen and has a self-seal capability that reduces the likelihood of air leaking through unfiltered.

Contact Us for All Your Air Quality Needs

Don’t breathe in pollen or suffer low quality air. For your health, trust A-1 Heating & Air to purify your air to ensure the best indoor air quality. We have the experience, products, and services you need to get back on track and keep your house fresh and safe. Contact us today and let’s keep you healthy.

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